Made in South Africa – and proudly too.
Designed in South Africa and made by South Africans. We live in a harsh but beautiful country. It demands respect and we give it that, by making products that are uniquely African.

We’ve been around awhile... since 1974 two generations of the Selke family have put their name to a range of gear they believe is worthy of it. We select only the best raw materials and use skilled local craftsmen and women to ensure that what we make is worthy of carrying our name. History has confirmed this.

My mate from the bush does exist. He is a combination of three people, all strong individuals who know what they want. What we need, we make and what we make must be good because we use it. And none of us like plastic and synthetics that look good but can’t do the job.

In this increasingly threatened world of ours we don’t go along with the "throw away" culture that is so prevalent today. Now that our (unreasonably) paltry incomes must go further, so too must the products. We will re-sole and repair if we can and rejuvenate where possible. It’s our business.

Most of what we make are Rogue originals. We may rework some of the standards, but we do it in our own distinctive style. We follow nobody.

Our products have all been constructed from top grade materials to give you unmatched durability; the exact opposite of 'planned obsolescence'. And while every effort has been made to produce a fault free article, nothing that is handmade will ever be perfect all of the time. We are, after all only human.

Our Ethics
At Rogue, we have set and abide by strict ethical standards regarding the material we use for our products and for the people who make our products – our loyal staff:

Our leathers
Rogue has traditionally used the hides of commercially bred animals and sustainably harvested wildlife. Over the years we have produced fine articles from cowhide, ostrich, crocodile, impala, wildebeest,Cape buffalo, Hippo, Warthog and elephant The inherent beauty and character of the leather comes alive again in the hands of the craftsman to become articles of function and art.We use predominantly heavier substance full-grain oily pull-up leather and suede splits.

Our staff
From the start, Selke Leathercraft has operated in rural South Africa, drawing inspiration from our surroundings and the people we live amongst. We believe in the creativity and craftsmanship of the local people and have recruited and trained our Shangaan staff from scratch.

What the magazines have to say
Article from Lowveld Living Magazine Issue 20

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