The Rogue Story

One of my mates asked me to design a hat for him to wear in the bush. He said that there was nothing he’d seen in the shops that was ‘right’. I asked him what was ‘right’.

“Leather”, he said “all leather and it must be the right colour. It must have a wide curved brim with a stiffener around the edge to keep the shape even if I drive over it.”

So we stitched it double in case he does.

“Shape.” he said. “Get the shape right and call it ‘Rogue’ and I’ll be your first customer.”

So we did and he was...

I see him often and he still wears that hat. He really designed our hats – I only make them.

Most of what we make are Rogue originals. We may rework some of the standards, but we do it in our own distinctive style. We follow nobody.

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